Is Your Unconscious Like a Sixth Sense?

Written by: Matthew Sabatine Disclaimer: The views expressed herein represent only the author of this article and not everyone at Common Issues. Our unconscious minds can catalogue sensory inputs much more than our conscious minds. Have you ever experienced a feeling or thought that came out of nowhere? Nowhere wasn’t truly the source. The thought... Continue Reading →

When The Desire To Be Needed Becomes Selfish

This article/essay was written by Matthew Sabatine The desire to be needed is not abnormal. The strong desire to help others and contribute to society, I think, is arguably connected to our need for belongingness and positive self-esteem based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. Belongingness is the need for acceptance in a group (i.e. family,... Continue Reading →

Has Evolution Hardwired Us to Be Sad?

Written by: Matthew Sabatine I once heard that the human mind is like a theatre. That makes sense to me. We have evolving stories that we tell ourselves that help us orchestrate unity, purpose, meaning, self-enhancement, and contact with other humans. [1][2] You may often take for granted what you tell yourself, but it matters... Continue Reading →

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