Has Evolution Hardwired Us to Be Sad?

Written by: Matthew Sabatine I once heard that the human mind is like a theatre. That makes sense to me. We have evolving stories that we tell ourselves that help us orchestrate unity, purpose, meaning, self-enhancement, and contact with other humans. [1][2] You may often take for granted what you tell yourself, but it matters... Continue Reading →

Writing a Letter To Your Future Self

Written by: Matthew Sabatine "A man never steps in the same river twice. For he is not the same man and it’s not the same river.” — Heraclitus Are you the same person you were yesterday? What about a week ago? Maybe 3 months ago? 7 years ago?  The cells in the outermost layers of... Continue Reading →

The Dangers of Self-Pity

written by: Matthew Sabatine After several hours of searching on Google about self-pity, it appears to me that empirical, clinical and expert research is lacking. I was hoping to find an encyclopedic definition for the concept, seeing how this bug called self-pity can gain a stranglehold in many people’s lives. So, maybe I can build... Continue Reading →

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