Why We Are So Likely To Repeat Past Terrible Events

Written by: Matthew Sabatine Do you ever witness a friend’s or loved one’s history repeat itself in their life? It could be a vicious cycle of physical violence, accusations, deception, substance abuse, random outbursts and volatility. Maybe they can’t stop choosing romantic partners who punish them with emotional unavailability and intimacy deprivation. You see your... Continue Reading →

The Social Forces that You Absorb Without Knowing It!

Written by: Matthew Sabatine The ability known as introjection is the mental act of absorbing the expectations and projections (the driving out of unwanted impulses) of others, which is done both verbally and nonverbally. It is a phantasmatic process and an ego-based internalization of objects from the external world, occurring undetected by our acute awareness.... Continue Reading →

Pretending That Your Bad Parts Are Not Yours But Someone Else’s–An Unhealthy Defense Mechanism

Written by: Matthew Sabatine Psychological projection—you may have heard of it before. Someone, with their self-qualified overconfident wisdom, may have even tried to pin that diagnosis on you. The concept is often used pejoratively. Projection activates itself when the human ego needs a defense against unconscious whims, urges, and compulsions (both positive and negative). When... Continue Reading →

Ladies, Is Your Man Forgetting Too Much?

Written by: Matthew Sabatine “No memory is ever alone; it’s at the end of a trail of memories, a dozen trails that each have their own associations.” ~ Louis L’Amour (1908-1988) Have you ever pondered the idea that the success of your man’s remembering important details has connection with how he meaningfully relates those details... Continue Reading →

How Does Language Affect Your View of the World?

Written by: Matthew Sabatine What is the relationship between language and thought? Something that is quite vital to this topic is the linguistic relativity hypothesis. It originated with Benjamin Lee Whorf (1897-1940), which was quite long ago, so I had to question its relevance in today’s scientific world. Do experts and specialists even agree with... Continue Reading →

Do Mirror Neurons Cause Empathy and Morality?

Written by: Matthew Sabatine It was April 8, 2019 when I read a report that researchers from the Max Planck Institute and Sante Fe Institute had devised a new explanation on the evolutionary origins of empathy, positing that cognitive simulation is a pillar to the phenomenon. A focal point of the study was to question... Continue Reading →


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