Has Evolution Hardwired Us to Be Sad?

Written by: Matthew Sabatine I once heard that the human mind is like a theatre. That makes sense to me. We have evolving stories that we tell ourselves that help us orchestrate unity, purpose, meaning, self-enhancement, and contact with other humans. [1][2] You may often take for granted what you tell yourself, but it matters... Continue Reading →

Writing a Letter To Your Future Self

Written by: Matthew Sabatine "A man never steps in the same river twice. For he is not the same man and it’s not the same river.” — Heraclitus Are you the same person you were yesterday? What about a week ago? Maybe 3 months ago? 7 years ago?  The cells in the outermost layers of... Continue Reading →

The Dangers of Self-Pity

written by: Matthew Sabatine After several hours of searching on Google about self-pity, it appears to me that empirical, clinical and expert research is lacking. I was hoping to find an encyclopedic definition for the concept, seeing how this bug called self-pity can gain a stranglehold in many people’s lives. So, maybe I can build... Continue Reading →

Why We Are So Likely To Repeat Past Terrible Events

Written by: Matthew Sabatine Do you ever witness a friend’s or loved one’s history repeat itself in their life? It could be a vicious cycle of physical violence, accusations, deception, substance abuse, random outbursts and volatility. Maybe they can’t stop choosing romantic partners who punish them with emotional unavailability and intimacy deprivation. You see your... Continue Reading →

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